Hello everyone,

Well what a lovely extended weekend, the weather was beautiful wasn't it?

Hopefully you managed to celebrate VE Day is some way. Did you have a special tea? A street party from your garden or yard? Did you decorate your house? Whatever you did this weekend, I hope you enjoyed I and stayed safe.

Its Monday again, so lets start today's tasks 🙂.


Today I would like you to choose one of the reading comprehensions in your pack.

Read through it carefully, highlight any important information.

Now answer the questions. Answer in full sentences.

When you have finished I want you to list three new facts you learnt.

If you have completed all of them already, take this time to read quietly.


Follow the link below to complete today's English lesson on BBC bite size. It involves you watching the videos and completing the tasks based on formal report writing.

Remember the difference between formal and informal language from when we wrote our complaints about the fairground? Note down some formal phrases or statements you can recall to help as a starter.


Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - Primary English for Year 5 - BBC Bitesize

11 May - Learn to write a formal report. Formal language. The purpose of your writing, as well as your audience, will help you decide whether to use a formal or informal style of language.


Firstly, have a go at these questions.

Things to remember:

Equivalent means the same

Place value grid when multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000

Perimeter means all the way around

Next, follow the link.

This lesson is all about time, how many minutes in an hour? How many seconds in a minute? Can you complete all the tasks?


Challenge yourself, draw something new today!

If you finish early complete a task from you pack you haven't yet tried.

Now I know lots of things are changing and we are all a little unsure at the moment, but please do not worry, let us adults sort everything out. If you need anything at all let me know on Purple Mash.

Enjoy everyone!

Miss Connearn

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