Hi everyone,

I hope you had a great long weekend and got the chance to celebrate VE day on Friday.

Well, as it’s the start of the week, we’d better get down to some work, so here are your tasks for today:

Maths –Find the maths page titled Percentages of amounts (p65). Remember some simple equivalents:

50% = ½ 25% = ¼ 20% = 1/5th 10% = 1/10th 1% = 1/100th

· Look at the examples on the top of the page. There are four examples for you to study but basically if you can work out 10% of a number (simply divide it by 10) then you can work out everything else.

· Have a go at sections A and B.

· If you finish, challenge yourself by having a go at section C.

Writing: Find the Writing Opportunities sheet’.

No doubt you have had the chance to watch a movie or two during the school closure so this task is based on a movie you have watched.

· Write a review of your favourite film (or one you have watched since our school closed). You can include lots of similar information that you would include in a book review e.g. The main characters, a brief outline of the plot, the positives of the film (why you like it) and any negatives the film may have .e.g. Is the ending a bit disappointing or was it easy to guess what would happen? What age group do you think the film is suitable for? What genre of film is it? (comedy, action, thriller, mystery etc).

· Most films start out at the cinema before they are on TV. Can you design a poster for the film which could be used to encourage people to go and watch it at the ‘pictures.’ Remember a poster must grab people’s attention, make them want to go and watch it without giving too much of the story away and say who the actors are. It should also say what age group the film is suitable for and should also include some reviews from film critics e.g. ‘This summer’s must see film’ or ‘5 stars out of Five’ etc.

Spelling : Find the spelling sheet entitled ‘ Using a dictionary’.

· Read the ‘remember’ section of this sheet.

· Use a dictionary or on-line dictionary to correct the spelling mistakes in section 1.

· Now have a go at correcting the mis-spelled words in section 2. There may be some errors at the start of the words so you will have to think about the sounds that letters make or be careful of silent letters that are in the word but not sounded.

· If there are any unfamiliar words to you, copy the definition from the dictionary and try to remember the meaning for use later.

Reading: Don’t forget to find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and read a book of your choice for at least 20minutes.

Extra task: Find the Home Learning Challenges sheet. Look in the maths column at the fourth box down. Here you’ll find a link to lancsngfl primary maths page. Have a go at one of the activities you find there.

Have a great day and remember to keep safe.

Mr. A.

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