Good Morning Reception Class

I hope that you have a good weekend. Saturday was so hot and sunny so I sat out in my back garden trying to top up my tan. Then when I woke up yesterday, it was freezing cold! I went for a walk and had to put my winter coat back on. What crazy weather!

Anyway, are you ready start this week’s learning with a brand new pack? Let’s get started.

After learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar and how it turns from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, I thought you might like to learn about the lifecycle of a frog this week.

We don’t have a copy of this week’s story ‘Tadpole’s Promise’ in school, so I had to find it on YouTube and take a photograph of each page. You can read it but the quality isn’t great. You might want to find it on YouTube yourself where a lady will read it to you.

Enjoy reading the ‘Tadpole’s Promise’ story with somebody. What do you think a promise is? Go through the story again and identify the promise that tadpole makes.

Now I want you to think about some of the promises you have made. Have you promised to always tell the truth? Have you promised to keep your bedroom tidy? Think about why it is important to keep promises. How does it feel when promises are kept? How does it feel when someone makes you a promise and then they break that promise?

Write about some promises that you can make or have already made in the green book. These are some of the promises that I have made:

I promise to always tell the truth so that people can trust what I say.

I promise to look after Olivia, my granddaughter, whenever my daughter needs me to.

I promise to work hard and be the best teacher I can be because that is what you all deserve.

Now I want you to look through the story again. Have you noticed how both characters change throughout the story? Choose a picture from the beginning, the middle or the end of the story and talk about how each character feels and why.

Maths – Last week you learned the days of the week. This week you are going to be learning the months of the year and the four seasons. I want you to find the sheet in Pack 4 that has a yellow title across the top that says ‘Seasons Matching’. There are 4 pictures of different trees - a tree in the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Have a chat with someone about the trees. Can you identify which tree belongs to which season? Underneath are lots of little pictures – an ice-cream, a garden rake, a hot water bottle etc. Carefully cut out the trees and stick them across two pages in the orange book (2 trees on each page). Now cut out the little pictures and stick them around or underneath the correct tree, matching the objects to the seasons. You can challenge yourself by writing what each picture is.

Finish today’s learning by watching a Speed Sound Lesson on YouTube as going on the Oxford Owl website to read at least 2 ebooks at the right level. (Oxford Owl level 1+ or the more challenging Level 2). Here is the link:

There are lots of extra art and craft activities in the pack that you can choose to do once you have finished these activities.

Enjoy today’s learning and have a great day everyone!

Mrs Abram

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