Hi all,

I hope you had chance to have a look over your spellings and are working on them each day. You also should be reading each day too, so today for English I'm going to set you a purple mash reading activity on Chapter 2 Anna's Sports day and some questions and an activity to do after reading the chapter. It's good to see that some of you are working hard and completing all the 2do's I set and sending them to me. Please make sure you read the tasks properly and take your time with the work.

So log on to purple mash and see what 2do's you have.

Maths: Today I would like you to revise adding 2 digit numbers and 1 digit numbers to improve the speed that you answer. Please have a look at the bbc bitesize lesson from last week 6th May. It has a great little game that you can make at home to practise these skills.

I would like you to complete the solving missing number questions in your exercise book. You will find the worksheet on the bbc bitesize lesson and you just click on the link.


RE: I would like you to continue from yesterday's lesson when you were looking at different special places that people go to worship. Today I would like you to choose one from the examples on the powerpoint from yesterday. You might choose a Jewish synagogue, an Islamic mosque or a Buddhist temple. I would like you to research it, draw a picture of it and write some facts about it in your exercise book.

This website might be able to give you some more information about the place of worship you choose. Ask an adult to help you with this activity as some of the words might be hard to understand.

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