Good morning everybody,

I hope that some of you have got your new packs by now. If not don't worry, they are ready to be picked up from school now.

First this morning do some reading. You can start the new book that I put in your pack or keep reading the golden apple tree on purple mash.

Once you have read for 20 minutes I want you to look at this sheet online or in your pack. Think about the book you have just read or think about the last book in your pack. You should have completed a whole book by now. Complete all five of these tasks for your book, write the date and the title of the book before you write and draw in your blue book.

Next lets go back to Professor Plum. You can find the sheet in your pack or look at the picture from yesterday. Today we are going to complete the sentence challenge on the sheet. It looks like this,

Sentence Challenge

These sentences are badly written. They need to be improved. Write them in your books with better verbs, added adjectives and adverbs.

  • He flicked the flask.

  • It had a red liquid inside.

  • It bubbled.

  • The room was smoky.

Can you remember what a verb is? Watch this lesson to help.

Next have a look at the first maths sheet in your pack. I have put a copy of it here in case you haven't got it.

Copy the sums and models into your book.

That is quite a lot of learning for today so this afternoon get some exercise, I have put some 5 minute workout sheets in your pack for you to try or you could check out Joe Wicks PE lesson, copy out a poem in your best handwriting for our most improved writing competition or check on any seeds you have planted.

To finish the day you could try some singing. This lesson is all about creating a beatbox rhythm. Enjoy!

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