Hello everyone,

So your new learning packs are ready to go. These will provide you with lots of work for the next few weeks. Some of you will still have work to do from your old packs and that is fine because I packed them full of things to do.

So today, Let's go!


Long onto Purple Mash I have set a 2 do called 'The Haunting of Rose Cottage.' Read Chapter 1 and then open up the Multiple choice quiz and answer the questions about what you have read.

Next, do the same with Chapter 2.

Finally, complete the 2 do 'My New Home.' This is a short writing task which involves you choosing a house from the options and describing it in one paragraph. Use some the the vocabulary from the book.


This is a writing opportunity from your old pack. I would like you to have a go at this today. Could you make this into a little story? Imagine you had an unusual pet, anything. Plan a piece of writing that describes this pet. How do you look after it? Where does it live?

Plan an adventure story with your pet and tell me all about it. My pet is very much like a playful wolf so I feel like I am living this story 🙂

If you have completed this already, give it another go by picking another animal. Could you make this your second draft but up-skill you writing.


Have a go at this brilliant Maths game, I must admit, I have been playing it myself! Choose a character, get a pen and paper, complete your basic training to get used to it, then off you go! Good luck to you all!


Watch the video above to remind ourselves about the heart.

I would like you to do some of your own research, use the phrase 'The heart KS2' to do this. Could you make notes?

Now I would like you to create an information poster all about the heart. Its job, how it works, oxygenate and de-oxygenated blood, where does the blood go? How does exercise effect the heart?

Next a challenge....

On Purple Mash I have set a 2 do 'Where are your organs.' Look at the picture of the organs, pick a few you know and tell me about them briefly on the leaflet. Please submit your work for me to look at.


Lets keep active, can you take your pulse for 30 seconds standing still, multiply it by 2 and write down the number. Now lets do some exercise! Straight after take your pulse rate again- was it different?

Hope you are all well, I do miss everyone very much! Take care!

Miss Connearn

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