Hiya everyone,

I hope you all have settled in to another week of working at home although I know it is not always easy.

As you may already be aware, there is a brand new learning pack available for collection at school now, with enough work in it to take you up to the next half term break in two weeks.

Here are your tasks for today:

Maths: Find the maths sheet entitled ‘Multi step word problems’ and read the example at the top carefully as this offers guidance as to how you could proceed.

· Have a go at Sections A and B. Make sure you read the questions carefully and remember that these are multi step questions so will probably need more than one calculation.

· If you need a further challenge, have a go at Section C.

Spelling: Find the ‘Correct the Spelling Mistake’ booklet. Go to page 4.

· Complete the first set of eight questions – you are not told where the incorrect spelling is so you will have to work it out. Have a go at correcting the spelling yourself in the box provided at the side.

· Once you have corrected the spellings yourself, use a dictionary to see if you were correct. If not correct the spelling mistake.

· Now have a go at the next eight questions. This time the incorrect spelling is circled for you. Simply have a go at correcting the spelling mistake in the space provided.

· Once you have completed that task, use a dictionary to check if you were correct. If not, correct it.

Writing: Find the Writing Opportunities worksheet. Look at Writing Opportunity 7.

· The first part of the task is to draw your own alien and colour it in – remember it is a Year 6 task so there needs to be quite a lot of detail included. What shape is it? What colour? How many arms/legs/eyes? And so on. The more detail you include in the drawing the more things (and more detail) you will be able to write about.

· Once you have drawn and coloured your alien, you can start to describe it – using as many exciting adjectives as you can. This is a great opportunity to use some expanded noun phrases. Remember to describe what it looks like (in detail), where it lives, what it eats, and even how it travels –does it have a flying saucer or rocket ship? Try to explain why it looks like it does – how has it adapted to life on the planet for example – a camel is able to close its nostrils completely to stop sand going up its nose and some fish, that live deep in the sea, don’t have any eyes because there is no light down there so eyes would be pointless!

Reading: As always, find a quiet place to read a book of your choice undisturbed for at least 20 minutes.

Extra task: Find the ‘Class 6A Learning Challenges’ sheet and find the History column.

· Follow the link in the second box down, which is all about Greek Soldiers.

· Draw and annotate (label) your own Greek soldier.

· Write a short paragraph which shows me what you have learned about Greek soldiers.

Keep Safe

Mr. A.

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