Good Morning Reception

Did you enjoy the story about the Tadpole’s promise? I hope so because I want you to share it with someone again. Try and join in with the words that you can read.

In your green book, I want you to start the day off by writing your promises for today. They might be promises to yourself or promises to someone else. Here are my promises:

I promise myself that I will get this page finished by half past nine and send it to Mrs German.

I promise myself that I will stop snacking and eat healthily today.

I promise Mr Abram that I will make him as many cups of tea as he makes me today.

Next I want you to find the information booklet that I made for you that says ‘Tadpoles and Frogs’ across the top. Ask someone to read it to you so that you understand what it is about. Look at the information sheet on the lifecycle of a frog in the pack (it says *Tuesday on 2 sheets). Read each sentence and put them in the right order. Cut them out and stick them in the right order in the orange book. You will need someone to help you with the reading.

Maths – I want you to find the sheet in your pack that is called the ‘Four Seasons Wheel’. Look carefully and you will see that December, January and February are in Winter. March, April and May are in the Spring. June, July and August are in the Summer and September, October and November are in Autumn.

What season is your birthday in?

What season is Christmas in?

What season do we have our six weeks holiday in?

Which is your favourite season? Why?

There is space in each section of the wheel for you to draw something that happens in that month so I want you to think very carefully about this and draw something for each month then colour them in the right colours. For example, in November you can draw a bonfire and fireworks because it is in this month that we celebrate Bonfire Night.

Finish today’s learning by watching a Speed Sound Lesson on YouTube as going on the Oxford Owl website to read at least 2 ebooks at the right level. (Oxford Owl level 1+ or the more challenging Level 2). Here is the link:

There are lots of extra art and craft activities in the pack that you can choose to do once you have finished these activities.

Enjoy today’s learning and have a great day everyone!

Mrs Abram

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