English:Today I would like you to remind yourself of the story the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. Watch the story again using this link , then using the story map below (and you have done this before) use the pictures to see if you can retell the story to an adult in the house, in your own words and using your storytelling voice.

We will be using this basic story plan to invent and draw our own story map this week.

Maths: Fractions:To relate halves and quarters to division. Follow the link today to access this lesson. This is not something we have covered much this year so it will be really useful to complete the lessons this week on fractions. Click through the activities and make sure you watch the video as that will give all the teaching for you to complete the tasks. You can stop and pause the video to complete or try something out or go back if you need to hear something again.


Art: Designing your own lighthouse. I've put a picture of some examples of some lovely lighhouses designed and coloured in by children. Take a look then draw it in pencil, choose a simple pattern across it and stick to lighthouse colours. you could take a picture and send it over purple mash or on dojo.


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