Practise your spellings ready for a test tomorrow.

English: I hope you were able to have a go at the retelling of the 'Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' using the story map yesterday. Today I would like you to have a go at drawing your own story map, using the same structure of the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch but changing characters, job, animals and foods. So you could have a story about the Zookeeper's lunch or the Pet shop Keeper's Lunch. The animals stealing the food could be the naughty monkeys or the cheeky hamsters. They could be stealing Mr Parker's delicious ham and cheese sandwich, his strawberry milk and crunchy apple. Have a look at the story map from yesterday and then change bits for your own ideas, use conjunction words and story openers e.g. first, next, then, suddenly, quick as a flash, becuase, who, after that, finally, so, but to help you retell your story.

Think about how the main character will solve their problem of the animal stealing food, will they set a trap to trick them or give them something revolting to eat so they don't do it again? Of course the main character will have to try things first that don't work until the end. This will take a while so start it today and you can finish it tomorrow.

Maths: Fractions: To identify parts of a fraction. Follow the link and select lesson 2.


Science: Learning about animals and their babies. Follow the link below to learn about baby animals born in spring.

Then have a go at the 3 interactive activities on the crick web link, first spin the wheel and read the information , then do the sorting activity and then see if you can complete the matching animal to its young activity.

Have fun!

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