Good morning everybody.

As I was thinking about what we should do today I came across this lesson on BBC Bitesize daily and it reminded me of how much some of you enjoyed reading these books when we were in class. I think I sent some of them out for one or two of you in your new packs. So I am giving you a choice today for your reading activity. You can follow this lesson, listen to Rachel Riley reading from The Worst Witch or you can complete a reading task on your own book after 20 minutes of silent reading. You could also catch up with The Golden Apple Tree on Purple Mash.

Extract 1

There were so many rules that you couldn’t do anything without being told off and there seemed to be tests and exams every week.

Mildred Hubble was in her first year at the school. She was one of those people who always seem to be in trouble. She didn’t exactly mean to break rules and annoy the teachers, but things just seemed to happen whenever she was around. You could rely on Mildred to leave her hat on back-to-front or her bootlaces trailing along the floor. She couldn’t walk from one end of a corridor to the other without someone yelling at her, and nearly every night she was writing lines or being kept in (not that there was anywhere to go if you were allowed out). Anyway, she had lots of friends, even if they did keep their distance in the potion laboratory, and her best friend Maud stayed loyally by her through everything, however hair-raising. They made a funny pair, for Mildred was tall and thin with long plaits which she often chewed absent-mindedly (another thing she was told off about), while Maud was short and tubby, had round glasses and wore her hair in bunches.

Read the extract above first, then follow the link to the lesson below.

Next lets do some maths.

Find the sheet in your pack called, Thursday-Add 2-digit and 1 digit numbers.

You will have to remember to regroup the answer to the ones column into tens and ones. Remember when it asks you, "Is he correct?" to give a reason for your answer as well. For question 5 you might want to try out some possibilities in your blue book. If you have time please practice your tables and spellings as well. Use Purple Mash or Maths factor to improve the times table you want to be better at.

This afternoon it is time for our third Spanish lesson. If you have missed the first couple then you can catch up at this link. In this lesson you will learn how to say your birthday in Spanish. Good luck.

Have a lovely day, I am in school today if you need to speak to me.

Stay safe and stay in touch.

Mrs Jenkins 😊

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