Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven't been able to send your work via Purple Mash, it hasn't been letting me email but I'm sure it will soon. Remember, if it isn't on Purple Mash go to our class page on the website and it is all there 🙂

Today's work...



I would like you to copy the link and put it into the search. This will open up a comprehension pack. It reminds us all about our VIPERS in reading.

I want you to complete the comprehension 'Counting' with a picture of a tiger on. The questions follow the texts. They are VIPERS questions so involve you searching through the text and answering like year 5 and 6's, using the text and providing evidence.


Next, follow the link below

Watch the short film...

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Rock, Paper and Scissors met each other?

Who were the three main characters?

I would like you to write character descriptions for the 3 main characters.

Next I would like you to create a wanted poster for Scissors. Draw a picture and describe his appearance.

What is he wanted for?

Is there a reward?

Where was he last seen?

Is he dangerous?

Finally, think about the game and how Rock could defeat scissors. Is there a way? Tell me how.


Follow the link below, we have looked at this is class so watch the video to remind yourself. There is a task at the bottom of the page for you to click on. Have a go at the questions.

I would also like you to complete a page of your Maths booklet from your pack.

Our School

In September we will have a brand new reception class. They will be very nervous about their first day at school.

In September you will either be at a new school, high school, or in year 6.

I would like you to create a poster telling our new reception children about all the best bits of Holy Trinity. You could draw pictures and explain different events.

Next could you tell them all about the school day. Maybe in a timetable or a description. What lessons will they do? Where will they eat lunch? Lets create a 'First Day at School Guide' ready for them starting.

You can also choose any tasks from your packs to complete.

Stay safe everyone!

Miss Connearn

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