Hello everybody.

I hope you all had access to the new learning packs yesterday, but if not don’t worry about it just keep working from what’s left of the old pack. I know you are all doing your best.

For those who have started the new packs, here are your tasks for today:

Maths – Think back to yesterday’s task – the Cross-number puzzles.

· If you haven’t already finished Sections A and B then please do so today if you can.

· If you did finish Sections A and B, please have a go at the Challenge Section – Section C. Again the principle is the same but the numbers are slightly more challenging to work with.

· Now have a go at creating your own Cross-number puzzle. I would suggest starting with a blank 6 X 6 square like the ones on the task sheet and then make up your own calculations as clues. You will have to complete the calculations to find the answers and then figure out how they will fit into the puzzle. This task sounds easy but it requires you to think systematically. Good Luck.

Comprehension – Find the comprehension sheet entitled ‘The Great Plague’.

· Carefully read the two sided information sheet that contains details about ‘The Great Plague of London’ in 1665.

· Answer the questions on the sheet provided.

Spelling: Find the sheet entitled ‘Non- screen activities’. Look at the first task.

· Make as many words as you can from the sentence…. ‘Learning from home is fun’. Try and be systematic with the way you work e.g. perhaps make a table like the one below. I wonder who can find the most words!

2 letter words 3 letter words 4 letter words 5 letter words 6 letter words 7+ letter words

is run home learn fuming learning

· Choose eight of the 6 letter and bigger words and put them in alphabetical order.

· Now use each one in a good Year 6 sentence.

Reading: Find a quiet place, where you won’t be disturbed for at least 20 minutes, and read a book of your choice.

Extra Task: Turn to the ‘I spy with my little eye’ sheet and see if you can fill in the first column today. (You probably won’t be able to find anything beginning with X or Q or Z so don’t worry).

Remember, stay safe.


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