Today please ask an adult to test you on the spellings set at the beginning of the week. I hope you've practised.

English: Continue on your story mapping from yesterday. Once you have completed the story map, rehearse it and retell it to an adult. I would love to see pictures or your story maps so you could send them on dojo or email them using purple mash.

Reading see your 2 do of completing reading on chapter 3 of Anna's sports day and the activities.

Maths: Fractions: To identify half a shape. Click on the link and select lesson 3.

Challenge: Please see bbc bitesize ks1. They always do challenges on Fridays so look at Maths lesson 15th May.


Science: What did you learn about animals and their offspring (babies) yesterday?

I would like you to write some sentences about the animals and use adjectives to describe some facts about them. Check out the example underneath so you've got an idea of how it should look.

On your walks in nature see what animals you can spot and if you can see any of their young with them.

Enjoy your weekend!

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