Good morning,

Today we are going to imagine that we can all go on our holidays to the seaside! Find this page in your packs and read it carefully a couple of times. It is trying to get you to go to either Blackpool or Cornwall on your next holiday.

When you have read it try to answer the 8 questions on the next page. The answer to the first question is in the first sentence under the title.

Next look back in your pack and find the picture of the beach/coast with lots of question marks at the top. Can you use the vocabulary around the page to write 6 good sentences about the picture. You could do all this work on the sheet or in your blue book.

Have a break and then have a look at the times tables pack. At the back you will find some mixed 3,4 and 8 times table dominoes. Cut them out carefully. You should have 16 altogether. Find someone to play with. You need to match a calculation to an answer. Take it in turns and see who can get rid of their cards first.

Try and find time to practice your spellings. You should know almost all of the ones on the first sheet by now. Find your tricky ones and write each one out a few times.

This afternoon try to do something creative from the grid. Draw a self portrait or draw the view from a window in your home.

Try some of the workout cards to keep fit.

Read your book and check out purple mash. I have put some new tasks on for you.

Have a good weekend. Stay safe,

Mrs Jenkins

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