Morning everyone,

Friday already!



I would like you to copy the link and put it into the search. This will open up a comprehension pack. Same as yesterday.

I want you to complete the comprehension 'The Wexbridge Crier' with a picture of a pigeon on. The questions follow the texts. They are VIPERS questions with a retrieval focus so involve you searching through the text and answering like year 5 and 6's.


Today's lesson involves you writing a recount. I would like you to follow the link and watch the first two videos.

The final video is based on Neil Armstrong. This video i very important.

After you have watched the video, write down some key facts you have learned about Neil.

Now, imagine it is 1969 and you are Neil. You have just got back into your rocket (the Eagle) after the first ever walk on the Moon! Before you forget, you want to write down memories from your experience.

Write a recount of your astonishing journey.

Remember to include some of the key features of a recount.

Top Tip!

In your concluding paragraph, try to:

  • pose a question to the reader

  • look forward to the future


Follow the link above.

Today I would like you to order decimal numbers with decimal places.

Watch the video to remind yourself. First look at the ones column, next the tenths, hundredths and thousandths.

For example 8.234 is smaller than 8.56.

8 is in both ones coloumns but in the tenths 0.5 is larger than 0.2.

Don't be distracted by the amount of numbers after the decimal point.

Follow the link below to complete your task.

Art and Design

I would like you to watch the link above. Lets get creative today!

After you have watched it, have a go yourself.

Your task:

Using either painting, collage, or printmaking create a work of art about where you live.

You can create an artwork about your house and family, the people in your neighbourhood or an area or place in the city or town where you live. Let your imagination run wild!

Enjoy everyone!

Miss Connearn

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