Good morning everyone and welcome to another one of our daily bulletins.

I hope you were all able to have a go at the tasks I set for you yesterday but try not to get worried or upset if something is proving difficult, just do your best – these are difficult times we are in and worrying about work is low on the list of things we should be doing right now.

Here are your tasks for today:

Maths – Find the booklet entitled ‘Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division’.

Have a look at page 3 of the booklet. Here are some long multiplication practice questions for you to have a go at.

161 Remember to start multiplying the digits in the ‘ones’

23 X column first so 3 X 1, then 3 X 6 then 3 X 1 .


3220 Remember to use a place holder (0) before you start to multiply by

3703 the digit in the ‘tens’ column e,g, 2 X 1 2 X 6 2 X 1

Think about your times tables knowledge, as you will need to be accurate if you are to get these right.

Comprehension – As we are in May – traditionally the month when the FA cup final is played- I thought it

would be a good idea to learn a little bit more about this famous tournament and no, it has nothing to do with the fact that Manchester City are the current holders!

· Read the information on the sheet provided and answer the questions on the answer sheet.

· Due to the number of matches being played in a season nowadays, there are calls to modernise

the tournament to reduce fixture congestion. In the spirit of modernisation, can you design a new trophy which the teams could compete for?

Spelling/Grammar : Find the second large spelling worksheet – the one where the first word is ‘available’.

· Find and circle all the words hidden in the word-search.

· Now list the words in alphabetical order.

· Use a dictionary to find and copy the definition of any words that are unfamiliar to you.

· Draw a ‘look, cover, write, check’ table (four columns, 11 rows) and practise writing each word.

· Now use each of the words in a good year 6 sentence. You could include some parenthesis (extra information contained in brackets) or the correct use of a colon/ semi colon.

Remember a semi colon (;) can be used instead of the words and/but in some sentences and a colon (:) can be used at the start of a list (as long as what is written in front of the colon makes sense) or to separate a description/detail sentence. Here are some examples for you to consider:

Charlie Chaplin’s untidy scrawl of a signature (unreadable to many) is worth thousands of pounds.

Steven is terrified of very loud thunder ; his brother is afraid of blinding lightning flashes.

Mr Abram severely injured himself whilst skiing: he dislocated and fractured his shoulder.

We visited a number of famous landmarks whilst on holiday in London : Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Harry Potter World and Tower Bridge.

Reading: Don’t forget to find a quiet place, where you’ll not be disturbed, and read a book of your choice for at least 20 minutes.

Good Luck and Stay safe.

Mr. A.

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