Happy Friday everyone!

We need to finish this week off well, so let’s get started with today’s learning.

Please start the day by reading the information about Tadpoles and Frogs again. Once you have read this information, with someone’s help, answer these questions:

  1. Where are frogs’ eggs laid?

  2. What are frogs’ eggs called?

  3. What shape are frogs’ eggs?

  4. What shape are toads’ eggs?

  5. Where does the tadpole live?

  6. What happens to the tadpoles after a few weeks?

  7. How long does the food last in an egg?

  8. When the tadpoles have got front and back legs, what happens to its tail?

  9. What is a baby frog called?

  10. What noise does a frog make?

The next thing that I want you to do is look at a picture of a frog (from the resources in the pack or on the internet). Talk about the picture and share all the facts you know about frogs that you have learned this week. Draw a picture of a frog in your orange book. Write your learning in sentences underneath the picture.

Now can you learn the poem ‘The Tadpole’ by Elizabeth Gould that is in your week 4 pack? Get someone to read it a few times to you then see if you can join in and learn it. This is called reciting a poem and I will be very impressed with you if you manage to do it. I will try to do it too.

Maths – over the last 2 weeks you have been learning the days of the week and the seasons and months of the year. You have learned what order they go in. Now I want you to put the numbers 1 – 30 in the right order. I have included all these numbers on paper chains for you to cut out and stick together. We have made paper chains before in the classroom so you should know how to do it. When you have finished the chain, just ask someone to check that you have got all the numbers in the right order. You can hang the chain in your house if your mummy or daddy lets you.

You can finish off the week with any of the other activities that are included in the pack as well as watching a Speed Sound Lesson on YouTube and reading some books on the Oxford Owl website.

I have dropped off next week’s pack or you mummy came to collect it so we will be starting something different next week – all about Superheroes! That will be good, won’t it?

I shall look forward to Monday so we can get started on pack 5 but until then, have a great day and a great weekend.

Missing you all like crazy

Mrs Abram

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