Good morning everybody.

First of all a massive well done to Mia who was our star of the week last week. She has been working so hard every day. Thank you Mia!😊

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I have been planting some seeds. They are on my windowsill hoping for some sunshine. I don't think any of them will grow as big as some of the plants in the rainforest. Can you find this picture in your pack? It is the starter for our English work this week.

So first of all let's get reading. Read the information on the first page. If you have time you could look up rainforests online and read any extra information. When you are sure you understand, check any unknown words with an adult or in a dictionary. Then try the questions I have written on the next page. Try to answer in as much detail as possible and remember to check that your answers make sense.

Next have a look at the maths work for Monday. It is called Count Money -Notes and Coins. The first 2 questions are quite straightforward but you will have to think carefully about Number 3. Write 3 possibilities for Tim and Naia.

If you have any more time this morning read some of your book and have a look at the list of spellings called 200 High Frequency Words. You already know some of these from our other list but not all of them. Have a look at the first light blue column and see if there are any that you don't know. Write each one ten times in your blue book.

This afternoon you should do some exercise and then try one of the history or geography tasks from your pack. You could interview an adult about their childhood and make a list of similarities and differences between them and you. They might be able to show you some photos of themselves when they were the age you are now.

If you have time watch this assembly from Oak Academy. I miss getting together with you all for a good sing-song. We will do it again as soon as we are back!

Have a good day,

Stay safe and stay in touch.

Mrs Jenkins.😊

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