Morning everyone,

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Hopefully the sun will make another appearance soon. I see most of you have been to collect your new learning packs from school, which is great! Lots of new work in there for you.

So it is Monday morning again! Ready for another week of home learning?

I will set some work today that isn't in the packs which gives more time for some of you to collect the ones left.



I would like you to copy the link above and put it into the search. This will open up a comprehension pack. Same as last week.

I want you to complete the comprehension 'The Contraption.' This is the third comprehension down. It has clockwork cogs on it. The questions follow the texts. They are VIPERS questions with a inference focus. This involves you working things out for yourselves, reading between the lines showing you really understand and answering like year 5 and 6's, can you include a quote from the text?


This is one of my favourite lessons! Similes and metaphors. Remember when we used these when we read Leon and the Place Between? They create an exciting image in the readers head and make your writing very interesting!

Click on the link above and watch the video's. There are 3 tasks to complete. Take your time and try your best. Be as imaginative as possible!


Firstly, watch this video to recap adding fractions with different denominators.

Next, follow the link for your task for today. Adding fractions, this involves you finding a common denominator (a number that is a multiple of both denominators) once you have done this, don't forget to multiple the numerator (top number) by the same number as the denominator.

Expressing Joy

Somethings in life are unpredictable, just like the current situation, something we never expected to happen at the beginning of the school year. However, I find it very important to find things that makes us happy, this can be anything that makes us smile regularly.

I have set a 2 do on Purple Mash called 'Expressing Joy.' It involves you thinking of three things that make you happy and telling me about them.

Once you have completed this 2 do, pick one of the things and make a poster focusing on that point in a little more detail. Draw a picture and tell me all about it.

My three things right now are, my family, exercise and my job!

Don't forget to hand it in on Purple Mash so I can see.

Take care everyone!!

Miss Connearn

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