Good Morning Reception Class,

I hope that you have all had a good weekend. Shall I tell you how I have spent much of my weekend? Mr Abram is on crutches as he has really hurt his knee. He usually mows the lawns but he can’t at the moment so I did them. It was exhausting! There are lots of birds that live in the eaves of our house and next door’s house too. That’s a part of the roof.

There are so many birds there at the moment that sometimes they wake me up when they are squawking for their food or just shuffling around. We always get a lot of bird poo on our cars and we do a lot of complaining about it. Well this year, they have all got their own back on us and pooed everywhere – and I mean everywhere! So I spent most of today scrubbing bird poo off our garden furniture, the decking, the patio, all of the garden fences and the garage doors. It took me ages. It is probably all a waste of time because when I wake up tomorrow morning, they will have had their breakfast and pooed over everything again.

They are a nuisance! I won’t complain too much because my next door neighbours were sunbathing the other week and they got pooed on. At least that hasn’t happened to me…yet!

I would love to know what you have been doing this weekend so if you want to, as an extra writing activity, you can write me your news in the blue book.

For the next two school weeks (with half term in the middle), we are going to be learning about superheroes. What superheroes can you name? What are superheroes like? Talk about your ideas with someone, such as what their super powers are, who do they help? What people do they save and why? What special clothes and gadgets do they have?

In your orange book draw all your favourite superheroes – Superman, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, whoever you like best… then write a sentence or two about each one, describing what they can do.

Maths – The first activity I would like you to do is the Superhero: Missing Number Activity Sheet. Once you have filled in all the missing numbers on the sheet, have a really good look at them because now I want you to write all the numbers in the right order in the orange book, without looking. No cheating! You can look at the sheet at the end to check that you have done it right, not missed out any numbers and you have got all of the numbers the right way round. Are your 3s and 5s written correctly? What about your 7s and 9s? If they are backwards, then cross or rub them out and do them again. It’s time that you really learned how to do this without any help. This is an activity that you can do every day until you get them all right and make no mistakes. It will be good practice for you.

There is a coloured sheet in the pack that has a photograph of a boy looking at a digital timer. The title is: ‘Instructions for Maths – Timed Challenges’. Please choose one/two challenges from the Ideas (timing the duration) and one/two from Ideas (counting the actions). You probably don’t have a digital timer like this one (I know I haven’t got one) so you can use a clock, a watch or use your parents’ phone with their permission. You will need someone to help you to time you.

There are a lot of extra activities in this pack that you can choose to do once you have finished today’s learning. Just make sure that you don’t do too many all at once as they have you last for 2 weeks. Please finish the day’s learning with a Speed Sounds Lesson on YouTube and read a couple of books on Oxford Owl. (Oxford Level – Level 1+ and Level 2 as a challenge).

Have a brilliant day

Mrs Abram

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