Good morning everyone, happy Tuesday.

I really enjoyed my phone calls with those of you I managed to speak to. It was lovely to hear how well you are all doing and of course still missing school. It sounds like you are all working incredibly hard, keep it up, I am so immensely proud of how you have taken this in your stride. As I said on the phone to some of you the work I am setting on here is a guide to help you with the packs, do not worry at all if your child is only completing 2 out of the 3 tasks or similarly if you need to fill more time and complete an extra activity from the pack. This is a guide to help you but you go at your pace with your child. With that said I would like you to look at your pack envelope. I have drawn a shape on the envelope, a square or a circle.

If you have a circle I would like you to complete the 3 little pigs counting activity, the phase 3 phonics activity in which you have to read captions and draw lines to the picture and practice your number formation for the numbers 10-20.

If you have a square on your pack, I would like you to look at the monster and write some sentences to describe the monster. What colour is he? Tell me about his teeth, eyes and feet. Is he nice and cuddly, or evil and scary? After you have done that try and complete the tricky word activity and then the science – name the animal activity.

Try your best with your spelling.

Have a lovely day.

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