Good morning,

Let's start with some reading. How are you getting on with your new books? Read for 20 minutes and then complete a task from tour "Reading Tasks" booklet.

Then have a look at the vocabulary challenge on the second page of your Writing task 2/The Rainforest. First of all try to match the red words at the bottom to the definitions. Use your common sense, previous knowledge or ask an adult. If in doubt send me an email and ask me. Next choose at least 3 of the words and write some sentences about the rainforest using these words. This is Vocabulary Challenge 2 in your rainforest pack.

Remember to plan your sentences and say them out loud before you write them down so that they make sense. Please don't forget your punctuation.

After a break let's do some more work on money. Complete the work for Tuesday called ,"Select Money". Take your time, look at the coins in the pictures and record your answers for Q5 and 6 in your blue book. You need to give more than one possibility for these questions?

This afternoon should be Science so have a look at the next lesson on light at this link,

After that if there is time you could start or add to your nature diary. I have noticed more daisies around this week and the tree outside my house has lost all its blossom now, it is covered in new leaves now. What have you noticed?

When I was in school last week I checked on your beans, can you see the white flowers? What do you think will happen to them next? We hung the old C.D's up to act as bird scarers. Have you planted anything at home? Draw a picture of what your plant looks like now or take a photograph to show me. I can't wait for us all to be together again out in our allotment.

Have a good day, stay in touch.

Mrs Jenkins 😊

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