Morning everyone,

I was in school yesterday and see that most of you have collected your packs, which is great. I also got the chance to speak to your parents/ carers to see how you are all doing. If I did't I left a message. It was lovely to hear that you are all trying so hard.

So today...


I would like you to read independently for 20 minutes. Find somewhere quiet and just enjoy your reading. Take the time to pronounce any unfamiliar words and an you find the definition?


This is the first writing opportunity from your new pack. For those of you that haven't picked it up yet I have copied it into the email.

I want you to continue the story. Plan your writing, can you find some exciting adjectives to include in your writing?


Following on from yesterday, we will continue to look at fractions. Yesterday you added fractions with different denominators, today lets look at adding and subtracting. Remember to find a common denominator.

Watch the video's and complete the tasks.


Watch the video below. Make notes about the Bible story.

I want you to re-tell the story, this can be in whatever way you want. Can you tell the story using a story board and a piece of writing. What is the moral of this story? What is it teaching us?

Remember to keep active, a walk or a run. Something outside.

Happy Tuesday!

Take care

Miss Connearn

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