Morning all.

Hope you were able to complete the tasks I set you yesterday. If you didn’t manage to finish them, just carry on where you left off and then you can start on today’s tasks which are listed below when you are done.

Maths – Find the page entitled Mental Strategies (+ and -) page 35. This task is a follow on task from yesterday, when we investigated some mental strategies for addition and subtraction.

· Complete the six addition and subtraction squares in section A. Using your developing mental strategies, try to solve the problems, If you can, avoid writing the calculations down and adding/subtracting them vertically. Try and do them in your head.

e.g. 260 + 540 so 540 + 60 = 600 then add 200 = 800

· Now set about solving the problems in Section B. Again, use your mental skills rather than your knowledge of standard written methods.

6800 + 2500 = 6000 + 2000 = 8000, 800 + 200 = 1000 so 8000+ 1000 = 9000 +300 = 9,300

This example above shows the method I chose but there are many strategies you could you use that would work equally well.

Spelling - Find the wordsearch pack and turn to the third page (The first word is vehicle).

· Complete the wordsearch in the usual manner.

· Draw a Look Cover Write Check table in your book. (It will need 4 columns and 11 rows).

· Place each of the ten words in the table and then practise your spellings by filling in the table.

· Next, look up each word in a dictionary and copy out the definition for each one into your book.

· Now use each of the words in a good Year Six sentence. This time, try to use inverted commas (speech marks) to punctuate what is said

e.g. “Look over there,” shouted the policeman to his partner. “It’s the stolen vehicle we’ve been searching for all week.”

Reading Log onto purple mash and you’ll find a 2 do about a book called ‘The Lost Myth of Mathos.’

· Read chapter one of the book.

· Answer the online multiple choice questions


In this chapter, there was a torrential storm. Write a list of all the sights and sounds that you experience in a storm. Can you think of some similes or metaphors to describe the thunder, rain or lightning. Use your ideas to write a poem about a storm.

Remember to keep yourself safe.


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