Good morning everyone,

Did you enjoy the learning yesterday about Superheroes? Did you choose your favourite? When I was a little girl, my favourite superhero was the Bionic Woman. She was a woman called Jaime Sommers who lived in America and she had been in a nasty skydiving accident. The surgeons re-built her body but they gave her superhuman powers. She had bionic legs which meant that she could run really fast and jump really high. She had a bionic arms that was super strong. She also had a bionic ear that could hear a pin drop from over a mile away! She helped to solve crimes and she was wonderful! It was my very favourite programme. I have found this picture of her so that you can see what she looked like.

She didn’t have a superhero costume and she didn’t have any gadgets but she was really strong and fast.

There was a bionic man and I thought he was pretty amazing too. He was called Steve Austin. Look at his bionic arm and legs! He had a bionic eye as well and could see for miles.

I hope that you got the chance to write and tell me about your favourite superhero in yesterday’s learning.

Today I would like you to have a look on YouTube for the story called ‘Eliot: Midnight Superhero’ by Anne Cottringer and Alex Smith and listen to the story.

Eliot, the boy in the story, can do some pretty amazing things. After you have listened to the story a couple of times, see if you can remember all of the amazing things he can do without looking at the story. It doesn’t matter if you get them in the wrong order but tell someone in your house. You can then draw them and write a sentence about them in the orange book.

Maths – Look for the worksheet that says ‘Find, Colour and Count’ and that’s exactly what I would like you to do – find the different superheroes and the masks, count them and record the number at the top, then carefully colour them in, staying inside the lines if you can please. Once you have done this, please do some more timed challenges that I told you about in yesterday’s learning.

Please make sure you watch a Speed Sound Lesson on YouTube and read an ebook or two on the Oxford Owl website. Then you can choose to do any of the extra activities that are not writing or maths activities – you choose. You might even have some activities left over from the other packs. It is up to you, you can choose.

Have a great day

Mrs Abram

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