Hello everyone, it is supposed to be a nice warm day today so try to ensure you can get out for some exercise in a safe place.

This morning I would like square group to complete the Captain Tom Moore comprehension and the common exception word search. The comprehension is around turquoise reading book level, if your child struggles reading it let them try on the first turn but then you can read it to them. The understanding of the text aspect is the same whether they have read it or you. Ask your children if there are any words they do not understand the meaning of, if they have some they can write a list and you can explain the words to them. It is often quite surprising how we assume they will understand the meaning of words because we do.

If you have a circle pack, I would like you to complete the adding alien’s activity and the phase 3 captions and pictures sheet 2. Keep practicing blending words with those new special friends in. Everything is always tricky at first, the more we practice the better we get!

I would also like you to complete the online learning today.

Keep up the great work!

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