Good morning everyone.

This morning lets start with our reading. Have you all been reading The Golden Apple Tree on Purple Mash. If not have a look now. All the chapters are now on and these questions are about the last chapter. First try to put these events in the order that they happened in the story.

Next answer these questions about the last chapter. There are no right or wrong answers so you will need to think carefully and have reasons for what you say.

Next look at your maths pack. Find the sheet called, Wednesday-Compare Money.

You need to read carefully and look at the birthday cards that came. Count how much money is in each card. Fill in the calculations using the blue boxes to work out how much would be in every combination of cards for Fred. Which cards would he need to get so that he ends up with more money than Tina?

Find time for the spelling challenge 1 in the rainforest writing task. Look carefully at where the apostrophe is in the contracted form. It goes where one or more letter is missing from the two words when they are squashed together. Copy my list out and put the apostrophe in the right place. Now use the write/look/cover/write/check strategy to test which of these contraction words you can spell.

This afternoon let's do our Spanish lesson. Look at this link. Remember that you can look back at the earlier lessons if you need to revise.

Remember to practice your times tables and to read the book from your pack.

Have a look at the Joe Wicks workout cards I put in your pack. You don't need to log on to try these out and we will have a competition when we get back to see who can do the most of these moves in a minute. I will have a go myself!

Have a good day, stay in touch,

Mrs Jenkins

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