Hi everyone,

How is everyone finding their new packs? Just like last time, we do have slightly different packs. The work I set here is slightly different and you can choose between this work and your packs. As long as we complete our reading, English, Maths and another task each day, that's brilliant.

So today's work. Here we go!


I would like everyone to log into Purple Mash and read Chapter One of 'James, King of England, The Royal Appointment.'

I have then set the multiple choice questions quiz for this Chapter in your '2 do's.'

Next answer the questions below:


In Chapter 1 it says that to apply for the competition, you have to say why you would want to be the King/ Queen in 15 words. As your starter I would like you to have a go at that.

Plan what you want to say and summarise into 15 words.

Next, as the story said, the ENTIRE Royal Family had decided to step down, to leave the throne.

Your task today is to write a letter of resignation as though you were the King or Queen of England.

Your letter should include answers to these questions:

Why are you all leaving?

Who is leaving?

What are the reasons?

Where will you go?

What new jobs will you do?

Where will you live?

Why are you opening it up to the public as a competition?

What type of person are you looking to take over?

Can you put all this into a formal letter to the public?

I have included the format for your letter. Copy it and then, the rest is down to you.


I would like you to have a go at the Maths questions above. Take your time with them.

Next, I would like you to complete the first 2 pages in your maths booklets.

Time Task

I have set a 2 do on Purple Mash 'Time.' Complete this as your extra challenge.

Water Pollution

I have set a 2 do called 'Water Pollution'

Complete this task either on Purple Mash or in your books. Research the different ways water can be polluted and the effect this has on the environment. This can be rivers, lakes, oceans. Wherever there is a lot of water. Is it always humans at fault? Or does it happen by accident?

Here is a link to help you

We are half way through the week! Lets keep working hard ready for a week off next week.

Take care

Miss Connearn

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