Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well and ready to have a go at our learning tasks for today.

Maths – Find the sheet entitled Reading Scales (page 77). On here you will find a variety of scales showing various measures ranging from kilogrammes to metres to litres to newtons.

  • Look at the scales in Section A – there are ten of them. Answer both questions a) and b) for each scale.

Remember in order to be able to answer these correctly you first need to work out what each increment on each scale is worth e.g.

Q1) The scale shows 10kg at one end and 50kg at the other. I therefore know each increment is

represents 5kg so:

  1. arrow number 1 is pointing to 20 kg and arrow 2 is pointing to 45kg

  2. the difference between the two arrows is 25kg.

  • Now have a look at the scales in Section B. Again answer questions a) and b) for each set of scales. The numbers used in this selection are slightly more difficult – they include decimal numbers- in this section but the same principles can be applied to solving them.

  • If you finish A and B and are feeling confident, have a go at Section C.

Comprehension – Log in to purple mash and head for the ‘2 do’ list.

  • Read Chapter two of the book ‘The Lost Myth of Manos’

  • Answer the multiple choice online questions.

Writing - Click on the ‘2 do’ entitled ‘The incredible journey’.

  • Imagine you have stumbled upon a magical creature. In your exercise book :

  1. Draw a picture of the creature.

  2. Describe the creature – is it a giant bird or a horse with wings (like Pegasus), a fire breathing dragon or huge insect.

  3. Imagine that you have taken a ride on the magical animal. Describe your journey and include where you started, what you saw, any dangers you may have come across and where your journey ended.


Remember- use the prompts on the left hand side of the ‘2 do’ to help you with your writing.

Extra Task – Find the worksheet entitled Anglo – Saxon Runes.

< >Study the Anglo Saxon Runes and see how each rune has been allocated a letter of our alphabet. Use the runes to write down what your full name would’ve looked like in Anglo-Saxon times Now use the runes to write a coded message for someone else to work out.

Reading- Find a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed, and read a book of your choice for at least 20 minutes.

Stay safe – Mr A.


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