Good morning Reception Class

It is meant to be boiling hot today, so if you’re out and about or playing in the garden, have a great time but don’t forget to put some sun cream on. We don’t want you getting sunburnt because it really hurts!

Would it surprise you to know that you might already know a superhero? There may even be one in your house! Read Superheroes – All Sorts (see resources). Did the book surprise you? What sort of superheroes were there in this story? What problems did they solve? Write your answers to these questions in the green book.

Maths – Firstly, I would like you to finish all of the timed challenges from the worksheet we have been working on all week. How much time did it take you to do10 jumps? I bet you are a lot quicker than me. How many times can you hop on one leg or bounce a ball in 10 seconds? How many times can you write your name in 10 seconds? It will be easier for Zain, Saim and Nico because their names are shorter than everyone else’s.

The next maths activity I would like you to find and do is the Superheroes counting sheet. Once you have counted the Superheroes, count them again to double check your answers and then make sure you have written the numbers the right way round. Get your number strip out of the first equipment pack that I gave you and check for yourselves. If you want a challenge, then go to your orange book and complete the following challenges:

Draw 1 more than 10 Superhero masks.

Draw 1 less than 8 Superhero boots.

Draw 1 more than 5 Superhero gadgets.

Draw 1 less than 9 Superhero cars.

Please make sure that you watch a Speed Sound Lesson on YouTube and read something – either one of your story books at home or one of the ebooks on Oxford Owl.

Choose as many of the extra art and craft activities or a science activity to do from this pack or from the other packs if you have not finished them all. It is important that you keep busy and not forget all the brilliant things that you have learned to do at school.

I am missing you all very much and can’t wait to get back to school.

Have a lovely day in the sun and stay safe

Mrs Abram

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