I hope you had fun planning your dream home yesterday.

Reading: I have set you some more 2do's read the chapters 4 and 5 of Anna's Sportsday and makesure you complete the activities and questions set.

ENGLISH: To learn how to write a set of instructions.

Follow the link below to complete the lesson on instructions. You will be writing instructions and hopefully making a healthy sandwich or wrap this week/weekend so you need to know how to set them out. If you remember in D&T before lock down we had just begun planning and tasting ingredients to put in to our healthy lunch but never got chance to complete it.

MATHS: Lesson 9.

Follow the link to complete your fractions lesson.

Miss Hutcehon would like you to write these times digitally:

Can they write these times in digital.



quarter past 1

half past three

half past 6

AFTERNOON: Geography

Miss Hutcehon has set you the task of designing a poster on Sydney Autralia.

Can you please complete a poster about Sydney Australia. What's the weather like now? What animals live there? What is there to do there? Are there any landmarks? Where is the most popular place to stay? What do some of the animals/landmarks look like? What do people eat there?

Enjoy researching. Useful websites to check out.

Have fun!

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