Good morning everybody.

How did you get on with your 5 minute workout yesterday.? Why don't you start today with 1 minute of marching on the spot? Then you might need a drink of water!

After that let's use those spellings that you wrote yesterday. Find the page in your rainforest pack that looks like this,

Complete this work in your exercise books. Be careful not to make silly mistakes and plan your sentences before you write them.

Next lets do some reading. You should have finished the golden apple tree on purple mash by now so please complete the book review I have set as a 2do. You might want to reread the book before you write about it. This review might take you a couple of days - don't rush. When you have finished I will be able to see it on purple mash.If you cannot get onto purple mash you should have completed one of the new books I sent in your packs by now so read through it again and complete the book review on it instead.

Have a break then find today's maths. It is the last sheet in your maths pack called Thursday - Two step problems. Read the information at the start of each problem carefully then answer the two problems. You need to answer the first step of the problem before you go onto the next. For the last problem read it all before you try to answer. You will need to work out how much Jack thinks he spent first by taking 6p away from £1.

This afternoon lets be a bit creative!

Follow this link to our next music lesson, I really enjoyed singing the scale!

If you have any more time colour in one of the sheets I put in your pack. Mia did a beautiful one last week. If you can take a photo and send it as she did that would be great, if not keep it with your pack until its time to come back.

Have a lovely day,

Stay in touch, you can e mail me on purple mash anytime.

Mrs Jenkins😊

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