Hi everyone,

Can you believe it is Thursday already? What lovely weather we had yesterday! I went for a bike ride, it was lovely. What did you do? Did you go for a walk? Play in the garden? Whatever you did I hope you enjoyed it and stayed safe.

So today's work. Lets go!


So today I would like you to read Chapter 2 of 'James, King of England, The Royal Appointment.'

Just like yesterday, I have set the multiple choice questions quiz for this Chapter in your '2 do's.'

Next answer the questions below about Chapter 2.


Lets have a go at our new learning packs today. Writing Opportunity 2. I have copied it above and it is also in your packs.

Firstly, I want you to describe the city. What can you see? Can you use figurative language, similes and metaphors?

Next I want you to continue the story. What caused the great flood? How long did it take before it took over the city? What will happen next?


I would like you to follow the link above and complete this lesson. It follows on nicely from the previous fraction lessons, adding and subtracting fractions. This time the answer will be a improper fraction, more than one. Can you convert the answer to a mixed number?

We have looked at this in class so lets see if we can remember.

For example 16/5

3 x 5 = 15 (closest multiple to 16 without going past) with 1/5 left

My answer is therefore 3 and 1/5

I would also like you to complete two pages in your maths booklets from you pack.


I have set a 2 do on Purple Mash called 'vote for me.' This is all about democracy. I would like you to find and write your own definition of democracy.

What does it mean and why is it important? Give examples of democracy in school.

Now complete the 2 do. Imagine you are applying for a role within school or even for Prime Minister. Why should people vote for you? Give a detailed explanation on Purple Mash. Don't forget to hand it in.

Could you also complete another task from your pack?

Only one more day until a week off home learning. Keep going!

Miss Connearn

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