Hello everyone and welcome to this fine Thursday morning. I hope you are all well rested and ready to tackle today’s outlined tasks from your learning pack. Don’t worry if you haven’t finished yesterday’s work yet, simply carry on with it today. You can always catch up with today’s work at a later date.

Maths - Find the maths sheet entitled problem solving (it has a picture of a lorry on the front).

  • Follow the instructions on the top of the sheet and work your way through the problems. Make sure you read the questions properly.

  • Now turn over the page and have a go at spending as close to a million pounds as you can. Work out what you could afford to buy and how much you would have left.

  • Finally, if you have the time fill in the multiplication wheels on page 3 of the worksheet. If not you can do this on Friday.

Spelling - Find the word-search pack and turn to the fourth page (The first word is ‘relevant’).

  • Complete the word-search in the usual manner.

  • Draw a Look Cover Write Check table in your book. (It will need 4 columns and 11 rows).

  • Place each of the ten words in the table and then practise your spellings by filling in the table.

  • Next, look up each word in a dictionary and copy out the definition for each one into your book.

  • Now use each of the words in a good Year Six sentence. This time, try to use a question mark or exclamation mark correctly.

e.g. The wise, old judge asked the witness, “Are you sure your evidence is relevant to this case?”

The angry, red-faced judge shouted, “Your evidence is simply not relevant to this case!”

Comprehension - Log onto purple mash and find some 2 dos about the book ‘The Lost Myth of Mathos.’

  • Read chapter three of the book.

  • Answer the online multiple choice questions

Writing – Greek mythology is full of weird and wonderful creatures like the Kraken. Some are half human half animal (like the Minotaur), some have many heads (like Hydra) and some are unusual flying creatures like Pegasus (a flying horse).

In this chapter, we were introduced to the Kraken, a colossal sea creature. Imagine that you have just sighted an unusual looking

mythical creature. Write a detailed description, using plenty of great adjectives, of everything you saw and heard.

You can invent your own mythical creature – I think this would be fun to do- and describe it or choose a mythical creature you already know or one that you could research. Think about its size, how it moves, what it eats, any special powers it may have etc. to make your description really interesting.

Reading – As usual, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and read a book of your choice for at least 20 minutes.

Stay safe

Mr. A.


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