Good morning Reception Class

I hope that you all enjoyed the gorgeous, hot weather yesterday. It was a bit too hot for me but because I was in school, I was inside for most of the day so stayed nice and cool. I sat in my back garden when I got home and it was still boiling hot!

Let’s make a start on today’s learning. You need to watch a Speed Sound Lesson on YouTube and then do some reading. Is your reading getting better? If you want to challenge yourself, have a try at reading a book from Oxford Level – Level 2 on Oxford Owl.

Look at ‘Eliot: Midnight Superhero’ again on YouTube. If you were the author of this story, can you think of something else Eliot could do? Then I want you to write about it in the green book.

This is the outline of a comic strip of the story of Eliot – Midnight Superhero. I hope it is not too small for you because I want you to draw a comic strip like this in the orange book. Maybe someone can do it for you because it is a bit tricky. They can also write these sentences for you and then you can fill in the missing words and draw/colour the pictures for the comic.

Maths – Find the sheet in the pack that says ‘Dice Addition Game’. Roll a pair of dice and write the numbers in the first 2 boxes. Add the numbers and write the answers in the final boxes.

Have a good day everyone.

Mrs Abram

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