Friday again already! One month until I turn thirty! These weeks are going so quick, I bet you have all grown so much, I can’t wait to see your smiling faces. Next week it is half term, I know half term won’t be the same as normal half term but it is your week to relax without school work, switch off and enjoy other things. Take the time to do something you love whilst keeping safe.

Before 3.30 (half term) I would like you to give me a busy day of hard work. I would like both groups to complete their online learning. Square group I would like you to create a newspaper article, it can be about a real current event e.g. coronavirus or an imaginary even like a spaceship landing in your back yard. I would also like you to learn about halving by completing the ladybird halving activity.

If you’re in circle group today I would like you to complete the 3 little pig missing numbers activity, land the common misconception word activity in your pack. Your packs are all in order so this should be the next two activity sheets.

Half term Project - For your half term homework I would like you to design and cook a meal with your mum, dad or carer. This could be a meal for a baby, a family meal or a lunch for yourself. When we return to school we will be learning about the light house keeper and his lunch so now is a good opportunity for you to cook something. Make sure you are with an adult and do not touch anything hot (water/oven/stove) or sharp (knives) without an adult. You can take a picture of your cooked meal or draw me a picture- Can’t wait to see them!

Have an amazing half term but remember to keep safe and social distance.

See you all soon.

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