Well you've made it to half term! Well done on everyone keeping up with the work that I'm setting or you may be working more from the work packs sent home. Whichever one you are doing, after today you all desrvea well earned break.

Today should be test day for your spellings, so ask an adult to test you to see if you have learnt all 15.

ENGLISH: Writing a set of instructions. Follow the link to complete the lesson on writing a set of instructions.

Then I would like you write some instructions on how to make your healthy lunch. Before this have a think about what you are going to make and how. Have you got these things in the fridge? What will you need?

When writing don't forget a clear heading, list of equipment and ingredients, use of clear sentences with a capital letter and full stop, use of bossy verbs is needed and a picture always helps. The picture could be done in the after noon as part of your Science.

MATHS: I would like you to have a go at the repeated addition and muliplication lesson from bbc bitesize last week. Follow the link below.

I would also like you to have a go at the friday bbc bitesize maths challenges.


Science: To design a create your healthy sandwich/wrap or even a salad if you'd prefer. Draw and label what will go in to it. If the adults in your house don't mind and are able to get the ingredients needed maybe you could have a go at making the healthy lunch with their support. Please ask an adult before trying to do anything on your own and as there are some dangerous tools in the kitchen which need adult supervision.

Have a lovely half term break and take care of yourselves. We may be seeing each other soon, we shall continue to listen to the advice from government on the TV and keep ourselves safe.

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