Hi everyone,

Last home learning day today before a week off for half term. Let make it a good one!


So today I would like you to read Chapter 3 of 'James, King of England, The Royal Appointment' on Purple Mash.

Just like yesterday, I have set the multiple choice questions quiz for this Chapter in your '2 do's.'

Next answer the questions below about Chapter 3.


Firstly, I would like you to re-read your writing from yesterday and edit. Can you replace vocabulary for more exciting words, check punctuation and grammar.

Today I want you to complete a piece of writing all about YOU! Like you are describing a character in a book, but you are describing yourself. You can plan your paragraphs using the plan below.

Try and use some interesting vocabulary and include some interesting facts.


This week, with help from BBC bitesize, we have been looking at adding and subtracting fractions. This included finding a common denominator and converting improper fractions into mixed numbers.

Today I would like you to have a go at the questions below.

Remember to find that common denominator before you work out the answer, and the rule "if you do it to the bottom number, you do it to the top number." If you multiply the denominator by 2, your multiply the numerator by 2.

Next complete a page in your Maths booklet.

Road/ Life Map

Over this time we have had a lot of time to think about things and appreciate things, like school and seeing our friends everyday, something we haven't been able to do.

So in your English task you completed a piece of writing all about you. Now I want you to have a think about the future for this task. What different things would you like to achieve and when? Could you put this into a road map like below? You can design your own.

Have a lovely week next week, hopefully the weather will stay nice. If you want to have a go some work in your packs, then that is great but make sure you have some time to relax and STAY SAFE! Respect the adults and others you live with, this is all new to everyone.

I will send my next email on the 1st June.

Take care, if you need anything contact me on Purple Mash.


Miss Connearn

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