Good morning Reception

The maths activity that I have planned for you today is quite a challenge and will take you longer than the other lessons have done so the writing activity will be shorter today.

Re-read ‘Superheroes – All Sorts’ and try to join in this time. Pick a superhero page to talk about with your mummy or daddy - (computer, beach, park etc. Why is help needed? How might that superhero help? What power would they use? Talk about these answers first before writing them in the green book.

Maths – There are 2 sheets in your pack called ‘Superheroes Number Match’. One has a Superdog on it and one has numbers 1 – 20 in red splashes. These splashes are the ones that I want you to cut out carefully and stick on top of the purple numbers on the other sheet. Before you stick them on though, I want you to find the calculation that goes with each number and write it with the answer in the orange book. For example, one of the calculations is 20 – 19 = 1. You would work out this calculation, write it in the orange book and cut out the red splash with a 1 on it. Then stick this on the other sheet. It is a bit complicated so I hope that you understand.

You have to do all the calculations, one at a time, until you have all the 20 answers.

Here are all 20 calculations:

It is ok if you need some help because some of you will find this really hard. Also, you will need to use the counters that I gave you in the first equipment pack.


· + means that you add the numbers together and that is the answer.

· - means that you take the smaller number away from the bigger number and see how many you have got left and that is the answer.

Choose any of the other art or science activities to do and don’t forget the Speed Sound lesson and Oxford Owl reading.

Have a great day and a very happy half term and remember to stay safe.

Hopefully I will see you all very soon.

Mrs Abram

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