Hello everybody! I hope you all had a good half term break and managed to enjoy a little of the fantastic weather we’ve had over the last week or so. I unfortunately managed to damage the ligaments in my right leg and have been on crutches for the last few weeks but I’m on the mend now.

As you may know, we are all very busy at the moment getting as organised as we can, in preparation for our school to re-open in the coming weeks. Blackburn with Darwen Council have decided on a phased return for three year groups initially: Reception Class (to open 8th June), Year 1 (to open 15th June) and Year 6 (to open 22nd June). Staff are making preparations to ensure your safety on your return.

In the meantime, we shall continue to be sending learning packs home and these should be ready for collection by Thursday of this week. There should still be some tasks that you haven’t completed from the last pack to keep you busy until then. Keep checking our class page on the school website for guidance as to what you are expected to do each day. It’s time to get back to work, so here are your tasks for today.

Maths – Find the Booklet entitled Year 6 Maths – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

· Turn to page 4 – here you’ll find some long multiplication practice – multiplying a four digit number by a two digit number. See the example below for a quick refresher on how to do them and then finish the other 15 questions.


69 X

19710 (2190 X 9) multiply by the 9 ones

131400 (2190 x 60) multiply by the six tens

151110 (2190 X 69) add both together for the answer

Comprehension - Log onto purple mash and find some 2 dos about the book ‘The Lost Myth of Mathos.’

· Read chapter five of the book and answer the online multiple choice questions.

· Now answer these open ended questions:

1. Where did Pegasus take Sariena and Mathos?

2. Pegasus raced through the dark sky and the wind tore at our faces. What does the phrase …

‘tore at our faces’ tell you about the wind?

3. ‘I wasn't going to wait for her though. Once she had gone a short way, I crept after her.’ Why do you think that Mathos decided not to obey Sariena’s request to wait for her?

4. Pegasus kicked Chrysaor’s head and knocked him unconscious. How do we know that Chrysaor didn’t stay unconscious?

5. How do you think that Mathos, a young unarmoured boy, will be able to get Pegasus’ feather back from the angry gigantic Chrysaor?

· Now complete these sentences using ‘which’ or ‘that.’

The scorpions, ________ were huge, scuttled around quickly.

Having a horse _______ could fly meant they could trick the scorpions.

Pegasus dipped his wing, ______ was burning, into the sea

Writing –

Reading - As always, find yourself a quiet corner where you won’t be disturbed, and read a book of your choice for at least 20 minutes.

Stay safe - Mr. A

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