Hello Reception Class

Welcome to the last half term of the school year. I hope that you and your families are all well and that you have had a great half term break.

The sunshine has been fabulous hasn’t it? I have spent lots of time walking, gardening and sitting in my back garden reading books. What have you been doing? I would love it if you wrote about your half term in the green book. Tell me what games you have been playing and what walks you may have been on.

This is the last week that you will be working from a pack as school opens for our class next Monday. I look forward to seeing you if you return to school next week. I have planned some super learning activities and I am excited to get going.

This week, though, we need to finish off our pack on Superheroes.

· What words (adjectives) can you think of to describe a superhero? Here are a few that I have thought of: Strong, confident, brave, energetic.

· Can you think of a few more? Write them in the green book.

Maths - Can you look through the pack and find 2 sheets, one with a title ‘Superheroes I spy and count to 20. The other one is a Superheroes I spy and count checklist. Count the different pictures very carefully and then record the numbers on the checklist.

The next thing I would like you to do today is some of the cutting skills sheets which will be good practice for you before you finish off with the Superhero Size ordering worksheets. Cut out all 7 characters, mix them up so that they are in the wrong order, then stick them in size order and stick them in the orange book. Make sure you are very careful with your cutting out – take your time.

Please finish today’s learning with some reading using the Oxford Owl website, choosing some ebooks that you have not read yet.

Enjoy your day

Mrs Abram

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