Good morning Reception Class

I’m not very happy that it is raining, are you? It will make a big difference today that we have to stay inside. Hopefully, the sun will shine again soon.

English - Re-read Superheroes – All Sorts from your pack and try and read along with your mummy or daddy. Look at the last page. What sort of superhero might you be? Have a think and talk about your ideas with someone. Try and think of everyday powers like being kind and helpful or thinking up good games to play.

Draw a picture of yourself as a superhero in the orange book and then write some information about what superhero gadgets and superhero powers you would have.

Have a look at the different activities by following these links: Go Jetters rescue game Tree Fu Tom game Superhero photo instructions.

Maths – there are three maths activities left in the pack that you have not done. You can choose one of them to complete today.

Finally, you can choose any of the extra writing sheets and science activities. There are a lot of activities in the pack to keep you busy today but make sure you remember to watch a speed sound lesson on YouTube and read an ebook on Oxford Owl.

Have a very lovely day

Mrs Abram

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