CLASS 4/5J HOME LEANING 04.06.2020

Good morning everyone.

I hope that you all had a great holiday and enjoyed the sunshine. I am getting some new packs ready for you to collect at the end of this week so your learning for the next couple of days will be a bit different whilst you wait for those to be picked up or delivered.

Firstly have a good look through your last pack. Is there anything that needs completing or anything that you didnt do. Check the grid and tick off everything that you have done. Then log onto purple mash and check your multiplication monster and the new book that I have picked for us all to read.Write me an email telling me all about your holiday and the things that you have been doing.

Finally for today have a look at bbc bitesize daily online or on the red button on your T.V. I would like you to look at these lessons in particular. I know that the date is not todays but they are activities that fit with the learning we need to do. They include videos to watch and activities for you to do in your book. Choose some/ not all of the activities and worksheets that are included in the programmes. I am in school today and tomorrow if you have any questions. I will let you know when your new packs are ready.

Stay in touch

Mrs Jenkins.

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