Class 5/6C HOME LEARNING 04.06.2020

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't emailed, hopefully you all continued with your packs this week. I have been at school preparing new ones for everyone. These will be available for you to collect from school from today. There is plenty of new work in there to last you at least two weeks.

So today, lets have a look at what we can do.


I would like you to read Chapter 4 of 'James, King of England, The Royal Appointment' on Purple Mash.

I have set the multiple choice questions quiz for this Chapter in your '2 do's.'

Next, I would like you to sequence the events in order by reading the sentences below. Which happened first, number 1, and which last, number 5.


You may have seen on the news that there are lots of protests taking place in America and all over the world. This is because many people are angry about the unfairness and mistreatment of how black African American citizens are treated by the police and in other situations within their lives.

I would like you to follow the links and read about the two very important people below.

For you English task today I would like you to tell me all about these two people in your own words. This may involve some research or taking notes when listening to the videos.

Who were they?

What did they do?

What are they remembered for?


Take your time to solve the problems below. Remember to read all of it before you start and write down exactly what it is asking you to do.


Write you own worded problem which includes money. Can you solve it?

Internet Safety

Watch this video to remind ourselves about online safety.

I have set some online safety work on Purple Mash in your 2 do's. Sometimes your home learning involves you following links and even doing some research. One of your 2 do's reminds us how to search safely on the internet.

When you have finished your 2 do's, could you write a little check list for younger children, explaining how they can stay safe online and explain why this is important. Make sure you include some pictures.

I hope you all enjoyed your week off in the sun! I am missing everyone and hope you are all staying safe! I will contact you this week and hopefully you can all come to collect your packs.

Email me on Purple Mash if you need anything at all.


Miss Connearn

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