Class 6A HOME LEARNING 04.06.2020

Good morning everybody. I do hope the change in weather has not dampened anyone’s mood too much in the last few days and I’m sure the sunshine will return soon. Today is the day when your new learning packs are available for collection and the sooner you get them, the sooner you can begin to complete the learning tasks I’ve chosen.

As we are all using more technology at home and perhaps have wider access to electronic devices like phones or laptops etc., I just want to remind you about internet safety. Now, you all know how to keep yourselves safe on the internet and social media platforms from our lessons in school but I want to remind you of some of the main principles: Never share your personal information online, Never open e-mails/messages from people you don’t recognise, Always tell a responsible adult if something upsets/worries you online and remember that posts which appear online or on social media are not always true. I’m going to borrow a little of Boris Johnson’s current slogan here-as I think it relates to internet safety as well as our battle against Covid 19- and remind you all to: Keep Alert and Stay Safe.

Maths – For today’s maths session you are going to use the same booklet as yesterday.

  • Turn to page 24 titled ‘Banan Bob’s Fruit shop. You have to calculate the cost of a fruit salad and a fruit smoothie. There is a price list on the right hand side of the page. This shows the cost per item per Kilogram (kg). To help you with this task it would help if you calculated the cost of 100grams of each ingredient first by dividing the price by 10 (because there are ten lots of 100grams in a kg) e.g.

Carrots are 80p per kilogram so 100g of carrots would cost 80p ÷ 10 = 8p

Pears are £1.10 per kilogram so 100g of pears would cost £1.10 ÷ 10 = 11p

Once you know what 100 grams cost you also know what 50 grams would cost or 25 g or 75g etc

  • Once you have finished that page, have a go at the four problems on page 25.

Comprehension - Log onto purple mash and find the 2 dos about our new chosen text: ‘Pit Boys.’

  • Read the first chapter of the book and answer the online multiple choice questions.

  • Now answer these questions:

  1. Look at the paragraph beginning: ‘Joseph closed his…’

Write down two sounds that were familiar to Joseph during his working hours.

  1. Look at the paragraph beginning: ‘The dark hollow…’

How did Joseph know when he needed to pull at the string?

  1. Look at the paragraph beginning: ‘Joseph’s day had…’

Why do you think Joseph decided not to tell his mother about what had happened to his lunch?

  1. Look at the paragraph beginning: ’Wake up, you…’

Do you think that Joseph deserved to be punished? Give a reason for your answer.

  1. At the end of the chapter, why do you think Joseph felt so grateful to be left alone in the darkness?

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

  • Choose the correct spellings to complete the sentences below.

Sitting alone in the darkness, Joseph felt incredably/incredibly tired. Since starting work at the coal mine, Joseph’s life had changed considerably/consideribly. Joseph’s day at the coal mine was going terrably/terribly.

  • Why has a hyphen been used in the sentence below?

‘She stalked the lanes with her wire-tipped pole, looking for the houses that had slate boards propped outside.’ ___________________________________________________________________________


  • Put these events in the order in which they happened in the story, numbering them from 1 to 5.

Joseph searched his bag for his lunch before realising that it had been eaten by rats.

Joseph was woken up at three o’clock in the morning. 1

A man told Joseph that he was a useless article.

Joseph, feeling hungry and bored, fell asleep while he was supposed to be working.

Joseph set out on his two-mile walk to the coal mine.

Writing: Try to write a poem to describe the sights, sounds and feelings Joseph experiences at work – it doesn’t have to rhyme!

  • Before you begin writing your poem make a list of sounds that Joseph would have heard whilst sitting in the dark underground. Look through the chapter for ideas. Perhaps he could hear the barking of orders, echoing voices or the scurrying of rats.

  • Make a note of the different feelings Joseph experienced e.g. he may have felt ashamed for not opening the trap door in time or perhaps he felt jealous of the older boys thinking they had an easier life.

  • Use some of your sounds and feelings to create similes e.g. the pickaxes struck the coal face like hens pecking at grain.

  • Use some of your sounds and feelings to create metaphors e.g. ‘the glow of the miners lamp was a splash of hope’ or ‘the pickaxe was a hungry beast greedily devouring the coal.’

  • Try adding some hyperbole – exaggeration e.g. ‘His voice was louder than thunder.’

Reading - As always, find yourself a quiet corner where you won’t be disturbed, and read a book of your choice for at least 20 minutes.

Stay safe - Mr. A.


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