Hi everyone,

Your new packs are ready for collection outside of school. Whenever you are out for a walk or going to the shop come and collect them and start your new tasks.


I would like you to read Chapter 5 of 'James, King of England, The Royal Appointment' on Purple Mash.

I have set the multiple choice questions quiz for this Chapter in your '2 do's.'

Next, answer these questions below. Refer back to the text if you need to.


Study the picture below.

6AM: I left the house on my own, wrapped up in my warmest coat (which I wear every day) to make the 3km trip. I met up with other children from my village, and we huddled together beneath the mountain to keep warm, waiting for the last couple of stragglers to arrive. As soon as we were all together, two of the dads put their sledges and emergency packs on their backs, and we set off for school…

First answer the questions below.

Do you think the children in the picture find the journey to school difficult?

What do you think their school is like? How might it be similar/different to yours?

Who are the adults in the picture? What do you think they are carrying?

Where in the world do you think the children are from?

How do you think these children would react to spending a day at your school? How would you react to spending a day at theirs?


Can you write a diary entry for one of these children, describing their journey to school?


Factors. What the video below and complete the quiz about factors.

Now have a good at these tasks.


Follow the link for today's French lesson about hobbies and school. Use google translator to help you with the task at the bottom.

I bet you haven't done much French since school shut so this is a good task to refresh our memories.

We will make a start on our new packs Monday, then it gives everybody a chance to collect them. If you want to have a go before then, that is fine, there is lots of work in there to last.

Stay safe!


Miss Connearn

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