Good morning everyone

I hope that you enjoyed your learning yesterday and are ready for today’s learning.

Using the writing frame in the pack, ‘My Superhero Identity ’I want you to write about yourself as if you were a superhero. It is up to you to choose whether your superpowers will be supernatural or whether they will be everyday powers. Maybe you can mix them up a bit and have both types of powers. All the best superheroes have every day powers too. What good would it be if Superman could fly or lift cars off trapped people if he was really nasty and mean and made people cry? He wouldn’t be so super then, would he?

Would you tell everyone if you were a superhero or would you keep it a secret? Why?

Have a think about this and then write down your ideas on the sheet provided.

Maths – there are two maths activities left in the pack that you have not done. You can choose one of them to complete today.

Finally, you can choose any of the extra writing sheets and science activities. There are a lot of activities in the pack to finish off as we are coming to the end of the week. Remember to watch a speed sound lesson on YouTube and read an ebook on Oxford Owl.

Have a very lovely day

Mrs Abram

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