Hello everyone!

How are you all? It is now over 2 months since we were last in our classroom. I miss every one of you and can’t wait to get back to normal whenever that might be! This will be the fourth pack of work that I have put together for you and I hope that you are enjoying some of the tasks. I hope that you look at our class page on the school website each morning. I send you all a message and use it to guide you through this pack. Don’t rush through it all. Look at the website and try to follow my suggestions. Sometimes I add extra things and put photos up of or school and how it looks without us all there! Follow this link;

As it is now a new term I have asked that you start to look at our new Geography topic of rivers and a new Science topic on plants. These topics are the ones we would be doing if you were in school so that we can carry on with it when you come back in. Try your hardest to follow these plans so we can all move on together when we are back in school.

I have also been awarding a home star of the week for people who send me emails or hand in work on purple mash. I would love to see and hear more from you so that I can post a certificate on the website for you.

I have seen so much amazing work on purple mash from those that have been logging on, well done! I have included your purple mash logins in this pack. If you have any problems logging on please call school and there will be someone who can help you to log on from home. This pack is full of activities to get you through the next few weeks, Remember I will tell you which activity to do on the daily updates to our class page on the website. I have tried to put suggestions for days on the grid so that you can plan your week. If I have highlighted a day in yellow for a particular activity then that is the subject that I will discuss with you on our class page.

I am including a new exercise book in this pack. You don’t need to use it if you still have room in the last one. Please make sure you write the date before you start a new piece of work and write which task you are completing. I have included a new reading book at your level and a library book which I hope that you will enjoy. Please ask an adult to keep the ones from your other packs safe until you can return them to school. They can be dropped off at the office or you can keep hold of them until we are all together again.

For parents, whilst school is closed we expect your child to complete the following learning at home:

Direct Daily Tasks

· Read every day for 20 mins and complete a task from the guided reading task selection. Most of the tasks can be done for any book so choose one that your child would like to do or one that seems to go with the reading they have done. If no book is available then there is a daily chapter set on purple mash each morning. It comes with a set of questions which can be handed in online.

· Complete 1 English Challenge. This may be more reading / grammar / spelling / vocabulary work or a writing task. Check on our class page for the suggested sheets for each day.

· Complete 1 Maths Challenge. This may be a sheet from the pack, a task from the grid or a lesson to watch online. Check on our class page for the suggested sheets for each day

· One or more of the activities from Science/History/Geography/ Foundation Subjects list. I will assume that you are doing the activities on the days I have highlighted but understand that that is not always possible.

All the learning completed can be put into your child’s exercise book. If not, you can choose to make a note in their book about all the other things they have completed at home. On Purple Mash we also have our class blog that great work is added to and celebrated. You can use 2email and send me messages and attach pictures or photos of your work.


As well as continuing to accept entries for last months handwriting competition I would like to challenge you to grow something in a pot, a garden or a container. Our class allotment is doing really well and so I would like to see if you can get something to grow at home. Maybe a sunflower or a bean. Maybe some cress or the top off a carrot. If you need any help with getting seeds then just give me a ring or send me an email and I will see if I can find you some and get them sent out to you.

The RHS website on the learning grid has lots of tips. You don’t need a lot of room or soil. My cress on a piece of kitchen roll on a plate on my kitchen windowsill grew really well and we ate it with egg in our sandwiches! Now I am trying to look after the beans I grew with the left over seeds from our science lessons and Mrs Holden and I are seeing who can grow the biggest sunflower.

If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to call school, where someone is in each week day and will be happy to help you. Stay safe and healthy everyone and we’re looking forward to seeing you all as soon as we can get back to normal.

Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Lucas, Mrs Lynch and Mrs Worden. J

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