Hi everyone,

Monday morning again. Remember your packs are outside of school. If you could collect them this week that would be great so we can make a start on them as soon as possible.

Today's work.


I would like you to read Chapter 6 of 'James, King of England, The Royal Appointment' on Purple Mash.

I have set the multiple choice questions quiz for this Chapter in your '2 do's.'

Next, answer these questions below. Refer back to the text if you need to. This is the final chapter of this book. After you have answered these questions could you write a quick book review?


Imagine being at the place like that right now!

That is exactly what I want you to do. Firstly, make a list of all the things you can see. Next do the same for what you could hear and smell.

Now write a list of all the feelings you would have whilst there.

Based on this planning, can you write me a detailed setting description of this place, imagining you are stood there right now, describe it to somebody like you are on the phone and they cannot see it.

Use some exciting adjectives!


Follow the link below. Today we will look at percentages (%) of amounts. So for example 10% of £60. Watch the video on the link and complete the quiz at the bottom of the page.

Next have a go at the problems below.


Over this period of time I have enjoyed lots of quizzes with family and friends, and I have seen others have been doing this too.

Follow the link below to have a go at some quizzes you might enjoy.

How many did you get?

Next can you create your own quiz? This could be on one subject or lots of subjects. Can you ask the questions to a family member or a friend?

Let get ready for another week of learning

Take care everyone!

Miss Connearn

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